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Agility Champion OBay Truly Balanced

(Danish Agility Ch. Toven the Full Monty CGC,TDI x Ch Linden 'Tis True)

Zen at 2Zen needed to be extra special, as I swore I would not keep a tri-color puppy! 

A product of our first litter born in England, she is everything I could have ever wanted.  Zen is one of the smartest dogs I have ever trained, her speed and enthusiasm for agility amazes me. Zen has competed and won every major final in England and is the UK's FIRST Medium Agility Champion and the first sheltie to win Olympia.

Zen's record on the International Agility stage is simply amazing. She qualifed to run for Great Britain every year she tried out. (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010),  She won a team Silver medal at the 2007 FCI World Agility Championships. She finished 5th overall in medium individual at both the European Open and the FCI World Agility Championships in 2009. She won individual Bronze and Team Gold at the first World Agility Open in 2011 and three individual Bronze medals at the IFCS World Agility championships in 2010. In 2005 and 2007 she placed in the top 3 in almost every class which she ran clean.

In between her International successes she continued winning at home in the UK accumulating 10 Agility Championship Certificates in limited showing. And if all that was not enough she produced FOUR litters of amazing puppies who are now winning both in the UK and in international competition. Her daughter Zaz has just won an INDIVIDUAL Bronze Medal at the 2011 FCI World Agility Championships!

 I guess that I kinda like tri-color shelties now!

Here are a few highlights from Zens first four years of Agility competition:

  • Zen at Newlands 2006As part of the medium Team Great Britain at the World Agility Championships 2007 in Norway ; Zen received the Silver Medal!
  • In her two team runs during the 2007 World Agility Championships, Zen had the fastest combined times of all clear runs in her class.
  • Zen was part of the 2005  Team Great Britain at the  World Agility Championships  in Spain. In her two team runs, she had the best combined times of all the medium dogs. Not bad for a 2 year old girl in her first season of competition!
  • Zen comes 5th overall in Individual medium at both the 2009 European Open Agility Championships and  FCI World Agility Championships.

  • True and Zen In July 2005 at her first Championship Class at just 2 years old, Zen wins the Championship ticket.
  • 1st  Place Olympia Semi-Finals and 1st place in the Pairs competition the same day.
  • October 2005, Zen wins the Supadog Mini Agility Final.
  • December 2005 , Zen WINS the OLYMPIA Mini Agility Finals in London!  She is the first sheltie to receive this great honor!
  • 1st  place in the Mini Agility Challenge Part 1 at Crufts 2006
  • 3rd Place Mini Championship Finals Crufts 2006 (and her first TV appearance on BBC!)
  • Zen wins her 2nd Championship Ticket in  May 2006 and her 3rd in June 2006. This makes Zen the FIRST MEDIUM AGILITY CHAMPION in the United Kingdom!  She is also only the 3rd sheltie to become an Agility Champion in the UK.       
  • Only 18 months old, at her very first agility show, she won a Novice Mini Jumping class with an entry of 101 dogs.  In England, where winning the class is the only way to progress this was quite an accomplishment!
  • Zen progressed from Novice to senior by her second show and was in Advanced in only 4 months.
  • Zen is the #1  Novice small Dog (all breeds)  for 2005.
  • Winner of the Mini Novice Cup at the 1st Kennel Club International Festival 2005.
  • #1 Agility Sheltie and the #1 Performance Sheltie for the ESSC Working Section in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
  • Winner of the Dogs In Need Medium Senior Final 2007.