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O'Bay Peace on Earth CDX,HS,MX,MXJ

18th Sept 1996 - 17th Feb 2010 

(Am/Can CH Aylmere Premonition CD,AX,NAJ x 'Joy')


"Winner of the 1999 ASSA National Most Versatile Sheltie Award at the Virginia Beach National."

OBay Peace on Earth I could hardly remember a life without Pax. She was 100% my dog; we had so much fun together doing everything. She gave her all to everything and I loved her for that. She was born into my hands on that night of 18 Sept 1996 and she died in my arms on 17 Feb 2010. My shadow always by my side watching me; I miss her terribly.

Pax ias a natural at herding, fast in agility and did obedience to please me. She was a fun dog to train and she taught me much about positive training. She was truly my dog.

When we left the USA in 2001, Pax was on her way to her MACH and higher levels in herding and obedience.  Although this is now not meant to be,  Pax is still a Champion in my heart....

During her 5 years of competing, Pax had exceed my expectations in the British Agility world!
A few of her achievements in England were:

    Pax - Advanced Win
  • #1 Starter Agility Sheltie in England for 2002
  • Qualified and showed in agility at Crufts in 2004 and 2005. This made us the first American Dog and handler team to qualify and show at Crufts..
  • Qualified for top level ADVANCED class in British Agility.

Pax at Bolton Abbey