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Friends and Family

O'Bay Shelties is dedicated to producing shelties that have both brains and beauty. Herding, obedience, agility, conformation or companionship......these versatile little dogs can do it all. The dogs on this page are owned by friends and family. They are continuing the tradition of proving that O'Bay Shelties can do it all!

We are grateful to the owners of these dogs for helping them reach their full potential.

OBay Singular Sensation

ONE - OBay Singular SensationOne is a singleton pup out of True by Tazz (Danish Ag.Ch.Toven Catch Me If You Can. He is loved and trained by Johanna Allanach and lives in Denmark.

One is 15" " and has a fabulous temperment combined with drive and attitude. We loved "One" so much that we repeated the breeding and it produced my sweet "Hex" (Ag.Ch.OBay Truly Wicked) and "Indy" (Ag.Ch.OBay Truly Driven).

One is hip scored and eye tested and genetically clear for CEA and VWD. One is available at stud to approved bitches.

DK Ag. CH. Toven Catch Me If You Can

Tazz - Toven Catch Me If You CanTazz is a lovely little boy and is producing some great working puppies.

He is loved and trained by Johanna Allanach and lives in Denmark.

Tazz is 13.5" " and has a fabulous temperment combined with drive and attitude. Tazz is the sire of my sweet "Hex" (Ag.Ch.OBay Truly Wicked) and "Indy" (Ag.Ch.OBay Truly Driven).

Tazz is hip scored and eye tested and genetically clear for CEA and VWD. Tazz is available at stud in Denmark to approved bitches.

AG.CH. OBay Truly Unique

Unique - OBay Truly UniqueUnique is another one of True's pups by Toven The Full Monty. Unique now lives in Denmark with his owner Suzanne Prier. Unique is one of the fastest small dogs in Denmark  was chosen to represent Denmark at the World Agility Championships in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has won the Individual Gold at both the European Open Championships and the Nordic Championships.

Unique has his Danish Agility and Danish Jumping Championships and is a fabulous working dog. He has the fabulous combination of drive and intelligence that marks all the puppies from this litter.

OBay Truly Taking a Chance - TimmyOBay Truly Taking A Chance

Timmy is one of True's pups by Toven The Full Monty. Another example of what this fabulous combination produced, Timmy has drive, attitude and personality plus.

Owned and loved by Peggy Briscoe, this fabulous little boy has gone from Starters to Senior in the competitive English Agility scene in under 5 Months! In 2006, Timmy became an Advanced Agility dog and will be competing in the Championship classes in 2007.

MACH O'Bay Dunstanburgh Rapid Tempo MX, MXJ

PrestoOBay Dunstanburgh Rapid TempoPresto is the son of Jordan (by Ch. Lakehill on the Road Again).

This sweet boy is doing extremely well in agility, finishing his MACH in 2004.

Presto joins his brother Dasher and a crew of German Shorthaired Pointers in the home of Eleanor Campbell of New Jersey.

OBay Say A Little Prayer - HaloO'Bay Say A Little Prayer CD, NA, NAJ, NAP

Halo is one of Jordan's puppies (by Ch. Lakehill on the Road Again).
Halo has great speed and desire to work. With me until the age of 10 months, Halo was destined to be my next great performance dog. Unfortunately, the move to England required me to find a home for Halo.

Halo now has a fabulous home with Karen Newquist in New Jersey.                   She is now competing successfully in obedience and rally.


U-CD Sayre Break The Ice OA, AXJ, O-EJC, EAC, EGC, TN-E, TG-O, HP-N, WV-N, AD, AS, AJ, JS-N, CL4

Sayre Break the Ice - BryceNot actually one of my pups, Bryce was from a litter bred by my friend, Karen Hoffman (Am/Can CH. Toven Wintertide Can.CD x Ruffian's Childrens Classic).

This handsome boy showed wonderful promise as a puppy. Seeing that potential, I took him to a few local agility trials to socialize him and to try to find him a great home. Enter his new mom, Mary-Anne Gross, who saw him and fell in love. Mary-Anne and Bryce have allowed me to continue to be the "Aunt" and even occasionally run Bryce in competition. Learn more about Bryce and his family on their website.

This lovely photo was taken by Tien Tran

Woodland Mad About You NA, NAJ

Riza - weavesRiza - jumpRiza is another of my "borrowed" trial dogs. Riza's career is a picture of teamwork.

Riza was bred by Colleen Golding of Woodland Farm Shelties in Maine. He was originally trained and owned by my good friend Arlene Pace. All of Arlene's friends experienced a great loss when Arlene passed away a few years back. Before she passed away, Arlene asked Barbara Bellini to care for Riza. Barbara graciously took Riza into her heart and home.

This little dynamo was trained in agility by Barbara, my sister Terry and myself. Terry showed Riza to his first AKC title, NA. I took Riza to the Springfield agility trials and completed his NAJ plus 2 legs on his OA and OAJ all in one weekend. This little dog can go from zero to FAST in no time! He is a wonderful representative of our breed, calm at home and eager to work when asked. He is breed pointed as well!

Whenever I run this dog, I know Arlene is smiling and cheering for us. Riza helps keep a little of Arlene with us.

Learn more about Riza's breeder at Woodland Farm Shelties