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OBay Shelties UKBernadette and DogsBernadette and Dennis Bay  live in West Sussex England. Shelties have been a big part of our lives for almost 20 years.   Our goal in breeding is to produce shelties with beauty and brains combined with that extra special spark that makes a sheltie fun to train. We love to see our shelties excel in all the venues; conformation, obedience, agility, freestyle and herding.

Bernadette started with shelties in obedience in 1988. Our first sheltie, Noel, finished her AKC and UKC Utility obedience titles and sparked our love for shelties. Our second sheltie, Holly, finished her CD and then produced our first sheltie litter in 1992.  My special girl, Joy, came from that first litter. You can read about all our shelties under "Our Dogs".

ZenBritish Agility World Team 2005Currently, we spend much of our time competing in Agility. Bernadette and her home-bred shelties, Zen, Hex and Zaz were proud members of the Great Britain World Agility Team competing in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. In addition, Bernadette had qualified to compete at Crufts every year since  2004 with Pax  and then Zen, Hex and Zaz. In 2006 Bernadette and Zen won the Mini Agility Finals at Olympia, the premier agility event in England.  In  2006 Bernadette and Zen were the first team to have achieved an Agility Championship in the Medium division in England. Bernadette has  won multiple medals in International Agility events both in team and individual competition with Zen, Hex and Zaz.

Bernadette loves to share her knowledge of shelties and training, so feel free to look at some of her published articles on our articles page.

Dennis and Obay SheltiesOur shelties are not only competition dogs, but they are also important members of our family. Whether it is just a walk to the pub or a trip to the country, they are usually with us.  We love to share our passion for shelties and we feel that we still have much to learn ourselves. So, we are always available to answer questions or discuss shelties. Please feel free to email us at obayshelties@gmail.com